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Amsterdam has created dozens of new digital platforms encouraging citizens to participate in the sharing economy.

An app called ParkFlyRent leases out cars parked by holidaymakers at Schiphol airport. Instead of the cars sitting idle for weeks, they are rented out and a portion of the income is handed to the owners. An app called Djeepo finds private storage spaces (basements, attic and spare rooms) for those needing extra room for their belongings.

Conducting an inteview is always a part of evaluating your own managerial skills. Its not only the test of the candidate but its a test of you ability to judge a right candidate for your company as well.

Most of the people conducting inteviews, found to be over smart or always trying to make their own impression on the candidate. That's not what you are sitting on this side of the table. Rather you are here to find a talent, not to prove your own. One point that one interviewer should always keep in mind is they should always look for talent, not experience only.

Installing/importing database in mysql is usually done as following..

mysql -u[UserName]-p[Password] [DatabBaseName] < /[File_Name].sql

Now if you want to import database and want to monitor the progress while importing, you need to install pipe-viewer on you machine then you can use this command

For some specific requiment, I had to build a nested accordian working with views, in this tutorial, I am not using views but just describing the html, js and css to describe how I acieved it.

Kashmir Day, 05 Feb, every year. whereby the whole nation expresses its unflinching support to our Kashmiri brothers and sisters as they are waging a struggle for their rights and we stand by them through thick and thin. The sacrifices the Kashmiris are making for their rights and it is important for us to support them as part of our responsibility as human. Freedom is right of every single human on this planet.

Pakistan Super League is finally has taken a start. Not from Paksitan but from Dubai, but good thing is, its rolling ahead.

db_query() is not recomended for INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE queries. As per its documentation, Those should be handled via db_insert(), db_update() and db_delete() respectively.

Its not the default behaviour of the JQuery to call a PHP function directly, but this can be done calling a page cotaining PHP funtion in it.

But here is how to do it in DRUPAL.

We can use hook_menu to do this magic. Value in 'page callback' will be used as call back function in jquery.

Vagrant is an open source tool for building a complete virtual development environment. Very often, a test environment is required for testing the latest release and new tools. Also, it reduces the time spent in re-building your OS. By default, vagrant uses virtualbox for managing the Virtualization. Vagrant acts as the central configuration for managing/deploying multiple reproducible virtual environments with the same configuration.

Installing Virtualbox:

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