PSL - Cricket Turning Green

Pakistan Super League is finally has taken a start. Not from Paksitan but from Dubai, but good thing is, its rolling ahead.

Pakistan has such an enegetic passion and charged corwed of cricket lovers, we just want to see Green Shirts always in the field and shining in the light of victory. But unfotunately, this game was taken away from our home grounds for about 8 years. But still we are crazy like no one. Paksitan is still producing stars in this field and keeping itself in top 10 of almost in all categories of the circket. Imagine if we had a chance having international matches on our home grounds, what kind of performance world could have experienced then?

Some times I wonder, Paksitan, a country of 170 Million people, which is more than total population of New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, South Africa and West Indies cricket playing coutries, which has produced well knwon players in the history of cirkcet, set counless world records, has been kept away from this game, injustice to the game and the people.

But we are still not to late to bring it back, and finally, here we are.