Interview vs Impression

Conducting an inteview is always a part of evaluating your own managerial skills. Its not only the test of the candidate but its a test of you ability to judge a right candidate for your company as well.

Most of the people conducting inteviews, found to be over smart or always trying to make their own impression on the candidate. That's not what you are sitting on this side of the table. Rather you are here to find a talent, not to prove your own. One point that one interviewer should always keep in mind is they should always look for talent, not experience only.

In an interview try not to ask questions that can be answered straight with a 'yes' or 'no' or the questions which could prompt obvious responses, such as "Are you a hard worker?" Instead, ask questions that force the candidate to get into detail. Because asking such question can reslut multiple on NO's in you evluating list and you can lose a talented candidate.

Your questions should always be related to the JOB DESCRIPTION for which the candidate have applied for and the job description you published on any portal or your company's website should always be related to the JOB TITLE that is being offered. Never try to compare your own experience with candidate's and ask questions about that. May be a candidate have never experienced a situation before that you did, so he/she wont be able to explain it for you for now. If that will be your selecting criteria, then you will be ending up like hiring at NASA those who would have been on MARS before.